Questions you should Ask the Realtor before Listing

Why do you need to Ask?

Because it is of no use crying over spilt milk. Once you finalize a deal, there is no way you can turn back. So in that case the best thing that is recommended is that go to ask the listing agent some questions regarding your Singapore condo or property before you jump on to list the estate. Now what questions are to be asked are discussed below.

What do you need to ask?

How long it takes to sell the home on average? Ask this because you need to know the time, which you will get for decision-making and other procedures. Also then, you can predict about the selling price depending on the tie in which it will be sold.

How long has the agent been selling Singapore condo? Please ask this because experience definitely matters more than anything does. The more experienced the realtor is, the more skilled he will be.

What kind of supporting staff is employed for the task?- This is a must do question because it is not enough if only the realtor is enough to do the job but also skilled supporting staff are required for this purpose.

What does the listing agreement say? As an answer to this, you will get to know about the agreement details, which will be extremely beneficial for you.

What type of schedule is planned? It is important for you to know this because there is a more chance of selling in the weekdays than in the weekends and you have to make sure that the planning has been scheduled accordingly.

Condition of Singapore Real Estate Market

Why do you Need to Know the Condition of the Market?

It is very important to know the market value of Singapore property as because it is an ever-fluctuating one and if you have the basic idea of the market conditions then it becomes very easy to decide whether to sell or buy the real estates. Otherwise, you may end up selling your estate when the market value is not so much thus having a loss.

Singapore property

Singapore property

Present Condition of the Market:

The last stable condition of the market was in 2013 when rents, capital values all remained the same until three consecutive months. Thereafter as economic unsteadiness dissolved gradually, the developing economies started strengthened thus resulting in the growth of retail sales index by 3.1%, 2.4% and 2.8% in May, June and July respectively. You can predict some of the outcomes by looking at the former conditions too.

Another thing on which the growth depends is the performance of the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) as because it is an institution whose efficient working capacity will enhance the economic growth. Recently there has been an increase of 5.7% of the sales, which indicates that now the demands are quite high.

Though at a time it seemed that there was a chance of the decrease of the prices of Singapore property because the prices got lowered by 0.9% at the last quarter of the previous year, but fortunately the prices are again high perhaps due to the growing demands of it.

HDB Singapore: Knowhow

The Singapore Factor that is behind the Upsurge

A well-known holiday destination among most people of the world, Singapore has always maintained its position in this sector. Now with the latest rise in its property and real estate stocks has done the economy of the country more good as the residential sector is leading the turnover rates. The hotel and tourism industry in Singapore along with the Industrial and commercial sector too has never failed to impress the country’s growth due to the foreign multicultural inhabitants. Beside the diverse population, the well-maintained civic system, the beautiful bungalows and Condo Singapore and the high literacy has made Singapore a paradise for both the local and international dealers and property hunters.

Condo singapore

Condo singapore

The HDB popularity in Singapore

The HDB flats that are so popular in Singapore are actually owner’s use flats that are exclusively for personal occupation. Subletting of these flats require MOP and HDB’s approval and essentially needs to be sanctioned whether you are just a permanent resident or a citizen of the country. According to the new rules, a maximum of 3 years of subletting is allowed by the authority both for the SPR and SCs. These apartments or flats come under the HDB authority and are thus named so. They are rather homely with special attention to the user’s requirements and luxury. Located mostly in or near the city heartland these HDB flats are really common and are the most popular form of housing option for the residents and the tourists. In fact, the potential buyers and investors also find these housing formats quite handy, just like the Condo Singapore.